This is "mikkelsens" family web-page





Welcome to our family web-page! This is a web-site we have made because this is where you can see pictures, work etc. about us. We didnt buy this because we wanted a web-site, but the mail - we might as well get some fun out of it, so we hope you'll like it.


This is a picture of some ofthe members of our great family, this is what we got

os far, but as soon as we get a picture of all of us, we will replace this one right here :)

Our cats!


We have two cats - Aslan and Alicia.


Aslan: He's a red Maine Coon, without a pedgree. He's two and a half years old and a bit fat, bu very beautiful. He likes to hunt in our garden and look at the swans in our lake and he's our little pet :)


Alicia: She's from October 2011 and shes a spotted maine-coon with a pedigree - we call her our painting cat because of her coat. She loves to hunt all of the birds and she always make tis funny noise when she see something she wants to catch, and she drools when we pet her, it's actually really cute.


" Those who doesnt like cats, was a mouse in an earlier life "

To see more about our cats visit our buisness-page!,r:73,s:0,i:294